Yoga and Pilates
People are happy when working on themselves.
This allows the mind to be on positive waves.
I invite you to work on the unity of body and soul!
Strengthen and make the body flexible, reasonable and obedient.
Purify the body, mind and space inside and out.

The body is the temple of the soul. A vessel that preserves and absorbs a lot.

Pilates and yoga classes help me and my clients to feel more confident, more attractive and more resistant to various kinds of stress and illness.

If you choose to have a healthy, beautiful and sensible body give preference to these two practices, you will not regret

How to implement it?
Both of these practices do not imply fast movements and multiple repetitions, but at the same time they help to form a relief, develop endurance, achieve mental equilibrium, and raise self-esteem.
Yoga practice
Yoga practice is the spiritual tradition and wisdom of many generations. This is the way that helps to know oneself, penetrate into one's consciousness and make oneself better in physical and spiritual senses.

• Work with energy and energy centers (chakras)
• Relaxation and meditation - as obligatory elements of occupations
• Body awareness and heightened sensuality
• Calm the mind and harmonize the internal state.
• Flexible and flexible body
• Healthy organism
• Healing of breathing practices (pranayama)
Make your body slim and pump up all muscle groups? This will help Pilates - gymnastics, based on - smooth and controlled movement.

• Healthy and flexible spine.
• Joint mobility and elasticity of muscles and tendons
• Correct and beautiful posture
• Efficient and free breathing
• Coordination in movements and beautiful gait
• The health of internal organs and systems
And as a result ...
Both directions are good with something different and both are useful for everyone, regardless of the initial physical training. Regularly doing, after some time you will not recognize your body, renewed, strong and graceful. And also:

Beautiful, healthy YOU
Mindfulness and positive thoughts
Positive changes in life
We practice group and individual visiting yoga practices, classes in the studio and beyond. In the most beautiful locations in the whole World!

Flexible schedule and lack of reference to the studio will allow you to choose a convenient time and place to practice yoga and Pilates with me!
Waiting in class!
Yoga or Pilates? When choosing a practice, you should try both, and give preference to what your body has a great inclination. Let's try? I assure you, you will not remain indifferent!

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