Access Consciousness Bars
Energy massage which helps you to create less stress and more easiness in your life.
I invite you to get acquainted with the method ACCESS BARS!
This method can be compared to restarting a computer, in this case our head. During the session, the removal of unnecessary old programs that block our development and destructive false beliefs entrenched in our subconscious and governs us. Access Consciousness® has been changing people's lives in more than 173 countries for 20 years
The uniqueness is in the fact that it works, regardless of whether you believe in it or not. Do you have any prejudices or not!
About the benefits of Access Bars Session
Access Bars® (32 points) is a point energy massage of the head that will magically help you:
Deeply relax and get rid of stress, clarify obsessions, let go of anxiety.
Dissolve mental, emotional, physical blocks that limit you in life and prevent you from getting what you want
To get more, while spending much less effort than previously required.
Become more open and sensitive to the outside world
Improve your well-being, gain lightness in the body and feel the joy.
Expand the opportunities and space of your life, the potential of awareness.
Normalize sleep: you will sleep better, awake full of energy
Easily and quickly create desired changes in your life
Purpose of Access Bars Session
The goal is to bring a person to the point where he can create positive changes within himself, and get the opportunity to change everything that does not work for him in everyday life.
How does the Access Bars session go?
First, the specialist talks to you. It is good if you have a request for a certain area in life (work, finances, relationships, finding new contacts, etc.)
After that, one hour of energy massage activate certain points on your head. It will help to actively work out the necessary request.
Instant result
The effect of energy massage, which you will immediately feel on yourself: (cure stress and tension, flighing feelings, relaxation, a sense of motivation)

Sessions are conducted by:
Angelina Pilipyuk
Psychologist - psychotherapist by the method of symbol drama and art therapy, a specialist in physical culture, yoga instructor. Certified Practitioner and Facilitator of Access Consciousness Bars.
More about Access Bars
In the photo article, an interview with Angelina Pilipyuk about Access Bars. To enlarge the image, click on the photo. You can find it on the pages of the glossy magazine #ICAN
In these videos, a few more arguments "yes" in order to experience this innovative method! (connect subtitles in settings)
You can get to know what is going with the brain before and after session. The experiments are presented by neurobiologist Dr. Jeffrey Fannin and Gary Douglas with Dr. Dane Herm, creators of Access Bars Consciousness.
Access Bars of Consciousness The life of more than 30 thousand people over the past 25 years. A short video about the technique. Take a look!

Video reviews
Try and YOU!
You will have a greater understanding of yourself, your life, this reality and all that is beyond its borders.
IMPORTANT: Booking session time by phone:
+38 (067) 342 88 88 (Viber) (Whats App)
+ 971585019159 ( UAE ) for Calls