Often we are in illusions and live in our own fantasies. The idea of how it should be prevents us from enjoying how it is. Roughly speaking, we sleep awake.
In the course of our work, I will help you to make positive changes in your perception.
Together we will take out your fears and limiting beliefs that prevent you from enjoying life. And also, be filled with resources for the realization of true desires.

How to implement it?
Coaching and psychological counseling are tools that will help you work through the necessary requests, namely:
Psychological counseling
Psychological counseling is the right tool if you want to:
• cope with stress
• Gain and replenish internal resources
• Release energy to realize the desired
• Build relationships with yourself and others
• Cope with limiting beliefs
• Work out psychological trauma
• Eliminate internal conflicts
• Build a mature and healthy relationship
Coaching is exactly what you need for:
• Shaping the vision of the desired
• Allocation and location of resources (time, knowledge, skills and capabilities) to achieve goals
• Definitions of core values and needs
• To reach a new level of quality of life
• Gaining motivation
• In order to enlist a reliable guide and mentor in the face of your coach
How it works?
Using the entire arsenal of coaching tools and psychological counseling in tandem, you can get a faster and more effective result. How?
Let's start with an introduction and diagnosis of your life balance. Formation of the request and format for further collaboration.

Goal setting
The second task is to determine what result you are striving for now and what main goals you set for yourself.

Identify what "slows you down"
Therefore, we need to identify all limiting attitudes, beliefs and fears. Perhaps the presence of psychological trauma, which we work together.
Work on yourself
We are half way through. Continue? From you - only participation, action and desire. We go to your goal step by step. Did you know that even for the greatest and seemingly unattainable dream, you can do something right now. What exactly? I will help you find out.
Enjoyment result
Now, when nothing limits you, you are self-confident and calm. Thought clean and clear. Already achieved the first results. And "in the hands of" the necessary tools and a clear understanding of how to use them - we continue to make the goal even better. Do not forget to enjoy not only the result, but also the process itself.
Let's try!
The first introductory consultation for you is free. Within 30 minutes, online (Skype), we will meet and define your change request. And as you know, a correctly set goal is already a part of success!
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Forward and only forward!
Waiting for consultations!
If you know for sure that counseling and coaching will help you, rather fill out this form. I am sure that you are on your way to achieving your goals. Those who doubt, also leave a request. Together we will create the very "recipe" that will change your life for the better!